There are many reasons why the family home may need to be sold and the possessions liquidated such as the death of a loved one, a “life changing” event with the need for a smaller residence or the need for professional health care.

There are several approaches, but it is a proven fact that an in-home estate sale is the best option for selling valued personal property (antiques, collectibles, art, jewelry, silver, crystal, china, furniture, rugs, etc.). Families and executors need to take into consideration a number of important things:

  1. TIME – it will take a considerable amount of time to organize a successful sale.

  2. PRICING – a wide range of knowledge will be needed to price antiques, art, collectibles, and every day household items.
  3. EQUIPMENT – locked display cases, display shelving, tables and covers, professional street signs, etc.
  4. EXPERIENCE – knowledge of how to run a successful estate sale such as placing ads, times and days to hold the sale.
  5. ENERGY – moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items.
  6. SELLING – being comfortable and knowledgeable negotiating with dealers, strangers, even neighbors and family.
  7. DETACHMENT – selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult.

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