Frequently Asked Questions Concerning An Estate Sale

How much does your service cost?

There is no up front cost. Triola’s works on a percentage of the total sales. The fee is deducted from the money collected at the sale.

Who is responsible for items not sold at the estate sale?

We offer, as an option, a “Broom Clean” service and will dispose of all unsold items.

Is there any other cost?

There may be charges for specialized services, such as dumpsters, safe disposal of dangerous herbicides or pesticides, removal of large appliances or other optional services. No charges will ever be incurred without the client’s approval.

Is there a charge to see if I have enough to have an estate sale?

There is no charge to determine if Triola’s can be of service. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes, but usually we will need to go through the home to be certain.

What about security during the sale days?

We always have several people working during the sale days. We use locked display cases for jewelry and other small items. So, you can feel comfortable that your valued possessions are being well cared for.

Do you take checks and credit cards?

Yes, both personal checks and credit cards are accepted with proper identification.

What can I do to help with the sale?

We recommend that considerable thought be given to the disposition of personal possessions before unknowingly selling or giving away anything that might have value. Quite often, the least expected prices in an estate turn out to have real value.

Can anyone have an estate sale?

A basic misconception is that an estate sale is the settling of personal property after a death. You can have an estate sale for many reasons: downsizing your residence, moving to a health care facility, etc.

Should the sale be before or after selling the home?

The only time that you should consider having an estate sale after the house is sold is if someone is still living in it. After the closing, the new owners are eager to move in, giving all of us time constraints. Most Realtors feel that having an estate sale creates a clean house and gives prospective buyers (usually much younger than sellers) an opportunity to envision what their style of furnishings will look like in this setting.